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Recent Research Publications

Bullock, H.A., C.R. Reisch, A. Burns, M.A. Moran, and W.B. Whitman. 2014. Regulatory and functional diversity of methylmercaptopropionate CoA ligases from the dimethylpropionate demethylation pathway in Ruegeria pomeroyi DSS-3 and other proteobacteria. J. Bacteriol.196:1275-1285.

Lin, Y.-T., S.-L. Tang, C.-W. Pai, W.B. Whitman, D.C. Coleman, and C.-Y. Chiu. 2014. Changes in the soil bacterial communities in a cedar plantation invaded by moso bamboo.Microbiol. Ecol. 67: 421-429.

Gutierrez, T., G. Rhodes, S. Mishamandani, D. Berry, W.B. Whitman, P.K. Nichols, K.T. Semple, and M.D. Aitken. 2014. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon degradation of phytoplankton-associated Arenibacter spp. and description of Arenibacter algicola

Maitra, N., W.B. Whitman, S. Ayyampalayam, S. Samanta, K. Sarkar, C. Bandopadhyay, M. Aftabuddin, A.P. Sharma, and S.K. Manna. 2014. Draft genome sequence of the aquatic phosphorous-solubilizing and –mineralizing bacterium Bacillus sp. strain CPSM8. Genome Announcements 2: e01265-13.

Gutierrez, T., D.H. Green, P.K. Nichols, W.B. Whitman, K.T. Semple, and M.D. Aitken. 2013. Polycyclovorans algicola

Sarmiento, F., J. Mrazek, and W.B. Whitman. 2013. Genome scale analysis of gene function in the hydrogenotrophic methanogenic archaeon Methanococcus maripaludis. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 110: 4727-4731.[ ]

Tan, D., W.M. Crabb, W.B. Whitman, and L. Tong. 2013. Crystal structure of DmdD, a crotonase superfamily enzyme that catalyzes the hydration and hydrolysis of methylthioacryloyl-CoA. PLoS ONE 8: e63870. [

Williams, M.A., K. Jangid, S.G. Shanmugam, and W.B. Whitman. 2013.Bacterial communities in soil mimic patterns of vegetative succession and ecosystem climax but are resilent to change between seasons.Soil Biol. Biochem. 57: 749-757. [

Jangid, K., W.B. Whitman, L.M. Condron, B.L. Turner, and M.A. Williams. 2013. Progressive and retrogressive ecosystem development coincide with soil bacterial community change in a dune system under lowland temperate rainforest in New Zealand. Plant Soil. 367: 235-247. [

Jangid, K., W.B. Whitman, L.M. Condron, B.L. Turner, and M.A. Williams. 2013. Soil bacterial community succession during long-term ecosystem development. Mol. Ecol. 22: 3415-3424. [

Sarmiento, F., C.K. Ellison, and W.B. Whitman. 2013. Genetic confirmation of the role of sulfopyruvate decarboxylase in coenzyme M biosynthesis in Methanococcus maripaludis. Archaea 2013: ID185250. [

Reisch, C.R., W.M. Crabb, S.M. Gifford, Q. Teng, M.J. Stoudemeyer, M.A. Moran, and W.B. Whitman. 2013. Metabolism of dimethylsulfoniopropionate by Ruegeria pomeroyi DSS-3. Mol. Microbiol. 89: 774-791. [DOI: 10.1111/mmi.12314]

Schuller, D.J., C.R. Reisch, M.A. Moran, W.B. Whitman, and W.N. Lanzilotta. 2012. Structures of dimethylsulfoniopropionate-dependent demethylase from the marine organism Pelegabacter ubique. Protein Sci. 21: 289-298.

Gutierrez, T., P.D. Nichols, W.B. Whitman, and M.D. Aitken. 2012. Porticoccus hydrocarbonoclasticus sp. nov., an aromatic hydrocarbon-degrading bacterium identified in laboratory cultures of marine phytoplankton.Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 78: 628-637.

Lin, Y.-T., W.B. Whitman, D.C. Coleman, and C.-Y. Chiu. 2012. Comparison of soil bacterial communities between coastal and inland forests in a subtropical area.Appl. Soil Ecol. 60: 49-55.

Lie, T.J., K.C. Costa, B. Lupa, S. Korpole, W.B. Whitman, and J.A. Leigh. 2012. An essential anaplerotic role for the energy-conserving hydrogenase Eha in hydrogenotrophic methanogenesis.Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.: 109: 15473-15478.

Liu, Y., X. Zhu, A. Nakamura, R. Orlando, D. Söll, and W.B. Whitman. 2012. Biosynthesis of 4-thiouridine in tRNA in the methanogenic archaeon Methanococcus maripaludis.J. Biol. Chem 287: 36683-36692.

Gutierrez, T., D.H. Green, W.B. Whitman, P.K. Nichols, K.T. Semple, and M.D. Aitken. 2012. Algiphilus aromaticivorans gen. nov., sp nov., an aromatic hydrocarbon-degrading bacterium isolated from a culture of the marine dinoflagellate Lingulodinium polyedrum, and proposal of Algiphilaceae fam. nov. Inter. J. System. Evol. Microbiol. 62: 2743-2749.

Lin, Y.-T., K. Jangid, W.B. Whitman, D.C. Coleman, and C.-Y. Chiu. 2011. Soil bacterial communities in native and regenerated perhumid montane forests.  Appl. Soil Ecol. 47: 111-118.

Lin, Y.-T., K. Jangid, W.B. Whitman, D.C. Coleman, and C.-Y. Chiu. 2011. Change in bacterial community structure in response to disturbance of natural hardwood and secondary coniferous forest soils in central Taiwan. Microbial Ecol. 61: 429-437.

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Jangid, K., M.A. Williams, A.J. Franzluebbers, T.M. Schmidt, D.C. Coleman, and W.B. Whitman. 2011.Land-use history has a stronger impact on soil microbial community composition than aboveground vegetation and soil properties.Soil Biol. Biochem. 43: 2184-2193.

Garcia, S.L., K. Jangid, W.B. Whitman, and K.C. Das. 2011. Transition of microbial communities during the adaption to anaerobic digestion of carrot waste. Bioresource Technology 102: 7249-7256.

Chaerun, S.K., N.P.D. Pangesti, K. Toyota, and W.B. Whitman. 2011. Changes in microbial functional diversity and activity in paddy soils irrigated with industrial wastewaters in Bandung, West Java Province, Indonesia. Water Air and Soil Pollution 217: 491-502.

Recent Reviews and Book Chapters

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