Permanent Faculty

  • Akram Alishahi Assistant Professor.  Low dimensional topology, knot theory and contact and symplectic geometry.
  • James Cantrell Professor Emeritus. Geometry and topology.
  • Jason Cantarella Professor. General area of geometric knot theory, particularly random knots.
  • David Gay  Professor. Smooth and symplectic topology of 4-manifolds and associated 3-dimensional issues. Also interested in mathematical illustration and outreach, heavily motivated by low-dimensional geometry and topology.
  • John G. Hollingsworth Professor Emeritus. Geometry and Topology.
  • Peter Lambert-Cole. Assistant Professor. Low-dimensional topology; contact and symplectic topology.
  • Gordana Matic  Professor. 4- and 3-manifolds, contact topology, Heegaard Floer homology.
  • Clinton G. McCrory Professor Emeritus. Topology of singularities, with applications to algebraic geometry and differential geometry. Invariants of real algebraic varieties and semialgebraic sets.
  • Trent Schirmer Senior Lecturer. Low-dimensional geometric topology.  Visual and combinatorial methods to prove things about Heegaard splittings of 3-manifolds, Dehn fillings of link complements, and trisections of 4-manifolds.  The rank-genus problem for knot complements in the three-sphere, the slice-ribbon conjecture, and the Schoenflies conjecture.
  • Michael Usher Professor. Sympletic topology, Hamiltonian dynamics and Morse theory, symplectic four-manifolds and Lefschetz fibrations.
  • Weiwei Wu  Assistant Professor.  Topological rigidity of symplectic and Lagrangian submanifolds, symplectomorphism groups, Lagangian Floer theory, homological mirror symmetry. 


Graduate Students