The 57th Georgia Topology Conference was be held at the University of Georgia, June 6 - 10.  This year's focus was symplectic topology and homological mirror symmetry.  


Conference Room: 

(Except Thur, 06/07): S175 Coverdell

Thur, 06/07: H237 College of Veterinary Medicine (right across D.W.Brooks Dr from Coverdell)


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  • Mohammed Abouzaid (Columbia)
  • Hulya Arguz (Imperial)
  • Netanel (Nati) Rubin-Blaier (Harvard)
  • Lev Borisov (Rutgers)
  • Eduardo González (UMass Boston)
  • Yoosik Kim (Boston)
  • Yuan-Pin Lee (Utah)
  • Aaron Pixton (MIT)
  • Mark Shoemaker (Colorado)
  • Margaret Symington (Mercer)
  • Hsian-Hua Tseng (OSU)
  • Junwu Tu (Missouri)
  • Sara Venkatesh (Columbia)
  • Rachel Webb (Michigan)
  • Guangbo Xu (Princeton)
  • Jingyu Zhao (Brandeis)
  • Xiao Zheng (Boston)


  • Weiwei Wu
  • Yefeng Shen
  • Adam Saltz

The University of Georgia has hosted the annual Georgia Topology Conference since 1961.  You can find information on previous conferences, including Georgia International Topology Conferences, here.