Flowers - PBIO 3270 (previously PBIO 4270/6270)

Photos of student activities -- Group photo after campus walk, Educational Project presentations 

This is a course designed to use flowers, the reproductive structure, as the focus to understand different aspects of the ecology and evolution of flowering plants. Topics discussed in this highly interactive course include: floral structures, floral development, function of floral parts, self pollination, cross pollination, self incompatibility systems, pin-and-thrum systems, sex allocation theory, pollination syndromes, plant-pollinator coevolution and more. This course will be offered every spring semester

Plant Reproductive and Physiological Ecology - PBIO 8890/L

Lisa Donovan and I co-teach this graduate level course that aims at giving students in depth overview of plant reproductive biology and physiological ecology.  This course will be offered in the fall semester of odd years - it was last offered in fall 2017.  It has a discussion session (listed as 8890L).

Plant Population Biology Seminar - PBIO 8700

I teach this seminar course only periodically.  Topics of this course changes from year to year but generally fall in the area of Ecology and Evolution of Plant Reproduction.

Courses taught previously:

Life and Earth Science - PBIO (ISCI) 2001, 2001L
This was a content course for undergraduate students majoring in Early Childhood Education.  

Life Sciences for Middle School Science Teachers - PBIO 2010
This is a content course designed for undergraduate students enrolling in Middle School Science Teachers Program. It is generally taught every fall semester.