Jan 05, 2017

Welcome to Grace Zheng!

GraceGrace joined our lab in spring 2017 to work on almost every project in the lab.  She will analyze nutrient content in Geranium leaves, measure Gernaium seedling traits, and start a project related to pollen size variation in morning glories!  Her research is supported by a grant from Plant Biology Undergraduate Student research program. Thanks! PBIO major!  Write Dr. Chang an email (smchang@uga.edu) if you are interested in similar research opportunities.   


Dec 05, 2016

Congratulations to Ariane!


Ariane is awarded a fellowhsip from UGA-CURO (Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunity) so she will be back to the lab in the Spring semester for more research!!  Ariane's research focuses on understanding how Geranium pollen movess in population with or without females! Cool Stuff!


Nov 30, 2016

Undergraduate Researchers in our lab are awsome! 

Ariane and Namita are still going strong with their research projects on the pollen dispersal and population genetics in the beautiful Geranium maculatum!  


iDorothy and Ariane pondering over the pollen dispersal data!

May 15, 2016


Angel finished her Honor Thesis and graduated this semester!  She is heading to UAB (U of Alabama at Birmingham) School of Dentistry this fall.  Bravo, Angel!


Andrew Kutay will join the lab this summer to study Geranium and Ipomoea.


Jan 12, 2016


Namita Mathew, Darien Power and Ariane Wong joined the lab this spring to start their research projects on Geranium maculatum and Ipomoea purpurea. 


Nov 3, 2015

Undergraduate research opportunities!

Want to work on beautiful flowering plants, gain research experience and earn research credits (for PBIO4960, BIO 4960 or other equivalent research-based courses) in Spring and/or summer 2016?!  Click here to find our more details on these opportunities.