Welcome to the 20th Annual Southeast Regional Model African Union at the University of Georgia!


Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors, 

       It is our distinct pleasure to cordially invite you to the 20th Annual Southeast Model African Union (SEMAU) Conference, which will be held from November 3rd through November 5th, 2016 at the Athens Campus of the University of Georgia!

       The Model African Union is a two-fold educational experience. The first phase of learning begins in the classroom or study sessions where the participant gathers information, does research, and learns about issues relating to a specific country. The second phase takes place in the simulated meetings of the actual commissions of the African Union, which will be held in the Georgia Center for Continuing Education at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. Because both phases of the educational experience are important and necessary for the success of the conference, preparation of delegates is extremely important. Faculty advisors must, therefore, share a big responsibility of preparing their delegations adequately for the conference.

       Faculty advisors must demand that their delegates accurately develop and maintain the character of their selected country. Delegates must learn how to accept diverse interests among African countries. Accepting and appreciating diversity will enable the delegates to become more open-minded in their debates and deliberations.

       The links on the UGA SEMAU website provide information about the Conference, conference rules, regulations, and other procedural information. Please feel free to print and distribute copies to your delegates.

       The University System Africa Council (USAC) is indeed happy to have the opportunity to meet and work with you. We look forward to your participation. We ask that you register early so we can plan accordingly. If you need more information about Conference registration or the Conference in general, please contact the following:

Teresa Duncan
Go Dawgs!!