Welcome to the UGA Rural Jails Research Hub!

The University of Georgia is beginning a new project that aims to research the drivers of rising jail incarceration rates in a sample of rural counties throughout Georgia. In addition to data collection and analysis, the project work will involve developing potential policy and practice solutions that are tailored to rural areas, as well as helping to bring these rural-focused policy solutions to the attention of state and national policymakers.

Over the course of the project, the UGA team will work to convene criminal justice system stakeholders in rural counties across the state to build a knowledge base of local justice and jail data in rural areas, engage criminal justice system stakeholders and community members in discussion and analysis of their local systems, and generate possible solutions and policy decisions that are tailored to the specific needs of rural communities.

This project begins in January 2020, and will continue until February of 2021. The first few months will be dedicated to building partnerships with local stakeholders and administrative jail data collection across participating counties. Later months will be dedicated to data analysis and developing relevant applications to policy and practice.