Saturday, October 3, 2015 - 9:08am
Image of article in BioSciebce

QUIP Lab director Suzanne Pilaar Birch and Dr. Russell Graham, Professor and Director of the Earth & Mineral Sciences Museum at Penn State University, have co-authored a letter in the journal BioScience entitled "A Stable Isotope Data Repository as Part of Neotoma, a Paleoecological Database". The letter is open access and can be read or downloaded here. Pilaar Birch and Graham wrote the letter in response to a viewpoint by Pauli et al. published in the journal earlier this year. The letter announces the upcoming launch of a stable isotope database that will be incorporated into the structure of the existing paleoecology database, Neotoma, which also houses archaeological, paleontological, and modern vertebrate fauna and pollen records.