The UGA Primate Behavior and Cognition Lab accepts a select few undergraduate students each semester for positions as undergraduate research assistants. Research assistants are assigned to work on a project in collaboration with and/or under the supervision of Dr. Fragaszy or one of the resident graduate students. Typical responsibilities may include running experiments, article reviews, coding behavior from video, data analysis, and practice manuscript writing. Research assistants are required to attend weekly lab meetings, and to be signed up for research credit hours through Psychology, Biology, Anthropology, Warnell, Ecology, or CURO research courses (e.g, 4800, 4860) during the semester of the assistantship.For more information, please go to​.​ 

To apply for a position as an URA in the Primate Cognition and Behavior Laboratory, please send a Microsoft Word Document to Dr. Fragaszy ( and/or Caroline Jones ( which includes the following information: name, year, GPA, major, career interest, name/contact information for a reference (professor, boss, etc.), and 1 paragraph about why you are interested in working in the primate lab. A resume is also recommended. Please be aware that positions in the UGA Primate Cognition and Behavior Laboratory are competitive, and assistanships are awarded based on available openings, previous experience, and year (juniors and seniors have seniority). Your application and/or interview does not guarantee a position withing the lab.

Current Undergraduate Research Assistants (Fall 2018)

Lindy Foster (UGA Class of 2019, Biology)
Lindy is a Psychology Major with an area of emphasis in Neuroscience. After graduation in 2019, she hopes to pursue a master’s degree in Biology or Psychology to further study animal behavior.


Kursti Ropp (UGA Class of 2020, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources)
Kursti is a senior in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, studying wildlife sciences in the hopes of continuing her education with a master’s program after undergrad. She’s also an Area Coordinator for the Guide Dog Foundation where she’s currently raising a yellow lab named Hurricane to be a seeing eye dog.

Margaret Pierce (UGA Class of 2018, Psychology)
Margaret is a UGA alumna who is still active in the priamte lab. She works with Caroline Jones studying Western lowland gorilla socioecology, but also has interests in developmental psychology. She plays rugby and coached swimming in her spare time.

Annie Bryan (UGA Class of 2020, Psychology)
Annie is a senior at UGA studying psychology with an emphasis in neuroscience. She is from Sylvester, Georgia, and has a pug named Louie. Her hobbies include hanging out with her pug, playing piano, and gardening.

Leslie Paige (UGA Class of 2019, Psychology)
Although Leslie is spedning her summer studying lemurs at Duke University's Lemur Center, she actually helps out in the primate lab with some data on red and green macaws. 

Shannon Glosenger-Thrasher (UGA Class of 2020, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources)
Shannon Glosenger-Thrasher is currently a student at the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources at UGA, majoring in Wildlife Sciences with a minor in Ecology. Her specific interests are in animal behavior and the conservation of mammals. Her goal is to participate in the research of  various wildlife across the globe.  She is always interested in learning new techniques to better understand each particular species and aid in their conservation. She believes that it is beneficial to learn from different people in diverse parts of the world and apply the knowledge gained wherever you go.


Summer Fink (UGA Class of 2019, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources)
Summer joined the Primate Behavior and Cognition Lab in Fall 2017. She currently majors in Wildlife Science, and will be graduating in December 2018. After graduation, she plans to go to graduate school to study African carnivores, focusing on problems surrounding human-wildlife conflict and carnivore ecology. 


Chandler B. English (UGA Class of 2018, Psychology)
Chandler joined the Primate Behavior and Cognition Lab in Summer 2018. When not preoccupied with academic endeavors or his job of managing a movie theatre, Chandler is a stand-up comedian and hobby musician. Chandler hopes to pursue a graduate degree exploring the psychobiological and sociological factors that influence behavior.


Laura Flick (UGA Class of 2019, Biology)
Laura joined the Primate Behavior and Cognition lab in May of 2018. She is also a student assistant for the cellular biology department. After graduation from UGA, she hopes to attend physical therapy school to pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. 


Sophie Barton (UGA Class of 2019, Psychology)
Sophie joined the Primate Cognition and Behavior Lab in Fall 2016. She is currently completing a capuchin stone handling project with Dr. Fragaszy and is helping with gorilla research at Zoo Atlanta.