Current project topics:

  • Manual function in humans a non-human primates
    • tool use
    • sensory preception and integration
    • kinematics
    • sequential analyses
  • Social transmission of tool use
  • Vocalization of wild red and green macaws
  • Dietary stable isotopes of non-human primates
  • Spatial organization and decision-making in humans and non-human primates
  • Foraging behavior and personality in non-human primates

Recent Past Projects:

Spatial navigation by wild capuchin monkeys (Allison Howard)

Longterm investigation of speech use by a female African Grey parrot (Erin Colbert-White)
Problem solving in avian species (Erin Colbert-White)
Modeling and testing ambiguity aversion in captive capuchin monkeys (Jing Pan)
Spatial and relational reasoning captive capuchin monkeys (Brian Stone)
Spatial relations in object insertion captive capuchin monkeys (Lucy la Cour)
Combinatory manipulation behaviors in captive capuchin monkeys (Brian Stone)
Rank ordering and decisions made from a distance by captive capuchin monkeys (Brian Stone)
Visual attention of captive capuchin monkeys (Yonat Eshchar)