Curriculum Vitae 


Professional Experience 

2013-present Professor, Plant Biology Department, University of Georgia

2009-2010 Interim Associate Chair and Director of Undergraduate Degree Programs for the Division of Biological Sciences

2007-present Associate Professor, Plant Biology Department, University of Georgia

2001-2007 Assistant Professor, Plant Biology Department, University of Georgia

1998-2001   Lecturer, Division of Biology, University of Georgia

1996-1998 Instructor, Division of Biology, University of Georgia

1996 Instructor, Department of Biology, Agnes Scott College

1995 Post-doctoral Research Associate, Department of Cellular Biology, University of Georgia

1993-1994 Post-doctoral Research Associate, Reproductive Endocrinology Center, University of California, San Francisco

1991-1993 Research Assistant, University of California, Berkeley

1989-1991 Graduate Student Instructor, University of California, Berkeley

1986 Macy Undergraduate Research Fellow, Columbia College


  Ph.D., 1993  Genetics, University of California, Berkeley, CA. Advisor John C. Gerhart 
  B. A., 1987  Biology, Columbia College, New York, NY 


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