Archaeological Geology
Credit Hours:
Credit hours: 3

Archaeological Geology or as it is more commonly known, "geoarchaeology", is a modern sub-discipline of geoscience. It is a recognized scientific division within the Geological Society of America (GSA) with a division membership of 500+ members. Geology and archaeology have mutual interests that coincided at several points in each discipline's history. While geology concerns itself with the history of the Earth, geoarchaeology deals with the later portion of that history, when ancient humans arose and spread across the Earth. This diaspora began in the Pliocene and accelerated in the Pleistocene. This course examines geological and archaeological topics such as landscape geology/geomorphology, stratigraphy, chronology, pedology, sedimentology, petrology/mineralogy as these pertain to archaeology. Students study the human consequences of geological processes - tectonics, vulcanism, tsunamis, climate changes, etc. The course is a survey-level format and attempts to expose the student to as much of the field as possible in a one semester time frame.    

This course is co-taught was a graduate level course - GEOL/ANTH 6700.

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