Group Photo July 2018
Group July 2018: Rebekah Soliday, Jasmine Harris, Tret Burdette, Amanda Frossard, Whitney Hudson, Marlyne Serratos


Amanda A. Frossard


Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Georgia 

Graduate Students

Tret Burdette


Tret received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of South Carolina in 2017. He joined the group in Fall 2017 and is interested in measuring the composition of surfactants in atmospheric aerosol particles using mass spectrometry and other analytical techniques. Contact.

Rachel Bramblett






Rachel received her B.S. in Chemistry from the University of South Carolina in 2018 and joined the group in Fall 2018. She is measuring the hygroscopic properties of atmospheric aerosol particles and determining the role of surfactants in aerosol particle hygroscopiticty. Contact.

Undergraduate and SURO Students

Lillian Vu University of Georgia, Fall 2018
Ariana Deegan University of Georgia, Fall 2018

Past Students

Whitney Hudson BS in Biochemistry from Georgia Gwinnett College, Graduate Student 2017- 2018
Jasmine Harris Valdosta State University, SURO Student Summer 2018
Marlyne Serratos Georgia Gwinnett College, SURO Student Summer 2018
Rebekah Soliday James Madison University, SURO Student Summer 2018
David Kramer University of Georgia, Undergraduate Student Summer 2018