The Lifetime Achievement Award is given out two years. The Chair of the Sociology of Emotions Section appoints a chair of the committee and two committee members. Nominations are normally due on January 15, so the work of the committee is conducted between mid-January and March and April. The committee usually has about six weeks from the submission deadline to make a decision. In the fall, the section chair, in conjunction with the committee chair, submits to ASA and circulates to the section membership the call for nominations for the award.

The primary responsibilities of the committee chair are to: 1) communicate relevant deadlines and procedures to the other committee members; 2) provide copies of the nominating letters and curriculum vitae to the committee members; 3) correspond with nominators where necessary; 4) coordinate the selection of a winner with the other committee members; 5) inform the Section Chairperson of the winner; and 6) compose a brief statement summarizing the career contributions of the winner to be read prior to the recipient receiving the award at the business meeting of the section at the annual ASA meeting.

The method of determining the winner consists of ranking candidates according to their theoretical, empirical, and/or methodological contributions to the field.

The winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award is announced in the Section’s Summer Newsletter.