Evolutionary Mechanisms (GENE 6000)
Fall Semesters (4 credits)
Instructors:  D.W. Trapnell & J.L. Hamrick

This is a graduate level course on evolutionary processes and their genetic basis.  Students will be introduced to evolutionary concepts and the primary questions of modern evolutionary biology. Areas of emphasis will be population genetics, quantitative genetics, and molecular evolution.  This course is especially designed for students in ecology, systematics, molecular biology, conservation biology, anthropology, geography, etc. who want a comprehensive introduction to evolutionary biology.  Upon completion of this course, students should be able to read and assimilate both classic and current primary literature in evolutionary biology and will have developed a strong foundation for more advanced courses in evolutionary biology, as well as for research in evolutionary biology at the graduate level.


Orchid Biology and Evolution Seminar (PBIO 8800)
Spring Semesters (1 credit)
Instructor:  D.W. Trapnell

A graduate level seminar on the evolutionary contrivances of the Orchidaceae and the fascinating biology of these plants.  Students read primary literature and lead discussions on everything from life history strategies, orchid/mycorrhizal interactions, speciation, rewarding pollination syndromes, deceptive pollination syndromes (including sexual deception), population genetics, etc.