December 2020
Achievements Banner 2020

Thomas Gottilla (MSc student, IPBGG):

- Successfully defended his thesis and graduated in December 2020

Soyeon Choi (PhD student, Dept. of Genetics): 

- Received the Robin Hightower Award for Innovative Research (Dept. of Genetics) (April 2020)

Hallie Wright (PhD student, IPBGG):

- Second place in NAPB 3-minute thesis competition (March 2020)

- Passed candidacy exams (July 2020)

- First place in PhD students/Post-docs category for poster presentations at IPBGG retreat (July 2020)

- Received the Roger and Cindy Boerma Plant Breeding Excellence Scholarship Award (November 2020)

John Spiekerman (Post-doc):

- Published his findings that leaf papillae sequester sodium in seashore paspalum, a halophytic turfgrass

Katrien M. Devos (PI)

- Named UGA Distinguished Research Professor (May 2020)

The Devos Lab Team:

- Released a high quality finger millet genome assembly

- Six publications by Devos Lab members

- Was awarded DOE funding to conduct research on the "Systems analysis of the beneficial associations of sorghum with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi studied with genetics, genomics, imaging and microbiomics" (PI: JL Bennetzen)