The overall mission of the DAP lab is to conduct research that can help foster healthy child and family development.  To that end, the DAP lab conducts research with youth and their families using a variety of methods (e.g., physiology, behavioral observations, ecological momentary assessments) to identify risk and protective processes important for understanding adjustment.  For example, in one study, we investigate caregiver-preschooler physiological and behavioral synchrony during stress-inducing laboratory tasks and associations with child self-regulation in a Latinx sample of young children and their caregivers.  We also examine how parent acculturative stress, depressive symptoms, and stress physiology influence parenting behaviors.  This study is being conducted with Dr. Margaret Caughy from UGA’s Department of Human Development and Family Science.  Another study investigates the role of individual- and dyadic-physiological functioning (e.g., HRV, RSA synchrony) in treatment outcome for youth with anxiety disorders who are receiving CBT.