Friday, November 30th @ 3:30 - Miller Learning Center 214

Susan Ellison  

Susan Ellison is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Wellesley College. Her research links geopolitical and national debates about democracy, foreign aid, and justice to the lived experiences of violence and economic insecurity among the urban poor in Bolivia.

Her talk, entitled Violence on Loan: Domesticating Conflict in Bolivia examines how and why ADR has become an informal mechanism of economic governance that enables people to meet pressing financial deadlines while regularly erasing the violence that surrounds those scrambling efforts.

Friday,  February 15th @ 3:30 pm- Miller Learning Center 214

Eduardo Moncada

Eduardo Moncada is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Barnard College, Columbia University and currently a Visiting Fellow at the Program in Latin American Studies at Princeton University. His research focuses on crime, violence, and the political economy of development.

His talk, entitled The Politics of Resistance to Criminal Violence in Latin America, examines how victims of criminal violence resist their victimization, by engaging in diverse forms of resistance that range from everyday negotiations with criminal actors to violent armed rebellion against them. 

Wednesday, March 6th @ TBD - Miller Learning Center 348

Jennifer Carlson

(Assistant Professor of Sociology, The University of Arizona)

The Police Man’s Burden: Racialized Masculinities and the Politics of Legitimate Violence