PhD students:

Steve Panfil, PhD, 2001.  Currently with REDD+ programs, Maryland. 
Steve Panfil.jpg

Steve Franks, PhD, 2002. Currently Assistant Professor, Fordham University, New York.
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Charles Cowden, PhD, 2008.  Currently Assistant Research Scientist, USDA Arid Lands Research Center, Maricopa, AZ.
 Charles Cowden.jpg

Lisa Krueger, PhD, 2008.  Currently Assistant Professor, Univ. of Tennessee, Martin.
 Lisa Krueger.jpg

Steve Hovick, PhD, 2009.  Currently Senior Research Associate, Ohio State University.
 Steve Hovick.jpg
Steve Hovick conducted his dissertation research on invasion biology in collaboration with Peterson and Walter Carson at the University of Pittsburgh.  That work tested hypotheses about competition and dominance, how invasions may be facilitated by nutrient enrichment and how intrinsic biological traits can be used to predict invasion potential in plants.  He moved from UGA to Rice University where he worked in the EEB Department as a postdoctoral associate with Ken Whitney.  While at Rice, Steve’s research focused on the role that interspecific hybridization and population genetic diversity may play in facilitating invasions.  He has continued these interests into his current position as a Senior Research Associate at The Ohio State University.  For more information about his latest projects, please see his lab website:

Luanna Prevost, PhD 2010.  Currently, Assistant Professor, Univ. of South Florida.
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Luke Snyder, left program 2013.  Currently self-employed, Athens, GA.
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Jeff Cannon, PhD 2015. Forest Management Scientist at the Joseph E. Jones Ecological Research Center

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Uma Nagendra, PhD 2017. Limahuli Conservation Operations Manager and Ecologist


MS students:

Brian Van Eerden, M.S. 1997.  Currently Director Southern Rivers Program, VA Nature Conservancy.
 Brian Van Eerden.jpg

Randy Mejeur, M.S. 1998.  Currently Senior Ecologist, AECOM Corporation, Orlando, FL. 
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Andrea Leach, M.S. 2003.  Current whereabouts unknown.
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Jodi Cohen, M.S. 2004.  Current whereabouts unknown. 
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Leigh Griggs, M.S. 2007.  Current whereabouts unknown. 
(no picture available)

Chris Graham, M.S. 2011.  Currently Biologist, Hudsonia Ltd., Annandale, NY. 
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Lab undergrads:

Vafa Sobhani, Trevor Sprague, Meredith Barrett, Andrei Stanescu, Patrick Johnson, Michael Bailey, Somer Rowe, and Susie Nuttall.