small_reitsema.jpgDr. Laurie Reitsema

Dr. Reitsema is a bioarchaeologist who studies the interaction between biology, diet, and culture using stable isotope analysis of archaeological human remains. 



small_tanner260.jpgDr. Susan Tanner

Dr. Tanner is a biological anthropologist who uses a biocultural approach to undertand how human heath and disease are shaped by the environment and culture. 



medium_Salmi pic.JPGDr. Roberta Salmi 

Dr. Salmi is a primatologist who studies primate behavior, ecology, and conservation. 




small_Alarcon. 2017. Fieldwork_0.jpg

Edgar Alarcon

Edgar studies the diets, physical activity and subsistence practices of individuals from Neolithic Mesoamerica.

Adviser: Dr. Laurie Reitsema


small_Carey_photo copy.jpegCarey Garland

Carey studies the effects of Spanish contact on early childhood stress and diet among individuals interred at multiple sites from St. Catherine's Island, Georgia. 

Adviser: Dr. Laurie Reitsema


small_holder_s_web.jpgSammantha Holder

Samm studies embodiment and structural violence through the analysis of the remains of Napoleonic soldiers and civilians. 

Adviser: Dr. Laurie Reitsema


small_Lee pic.JPGChristina Lee

Christina studies physical activity in childhood in lowland and highland Bolivia. 

Adviser: Dr. Susan Tanner



Kristen Morrow   

Kristen studies human-other primate interactions in Indonesia, focusing in particular on the trade-offs of coexisting in shared landscapes. 

Adviser: Dr. Roberta Salmi


small_DSC_0009.jpgKatherine Reinberger

Katie studies how warfare connects spatially and geographically diverse populations through the analysis of remains from the Greek colony of Himera. 

Adviser: Dr. Laurie Reitsema


small_april_smith_web.jpgApril Kristen Smith

April studies the relationship between early childhood stress and infectious disease mortality among 19th century cholera victims from Italy. 

Adviser: Dr. Laurie Reitsema



small_Jessie Pic_0.jpgJessie Dyer




small_franchesca_judd.jpgFranchesca Judd




small_IMG_2481_0_0.JPGMadalena Monteban




Asher.jpgAsher Rosinger