Collaboration with Other Facilities

The Biological Anthropology Lab Complex has developed strong relationships with other lab complexes throughout the University of Georgia, including the Zooarchaeology Laboratory, the Laboratory of Archaeology, and the Center for Applied Isotope Studies.

The Zooarchaeology Laboratory is housed at the Georgia Museum of Natural History, and hosts a large comparative skeletal collection of vertebrate and invertebrate specimens from the southeastern United States. Available resources from the Zooarchaeology Laboratory include a Buehler IsoMet sectioning saw.

The Laboratory of Archaeology hosts the Georgia Archaeological Site File, which is a repository for archaeological materials and information for all periods in the State of Georgia. Available resources at the Archaeology lab include a 3D scanner and printer and RTI imaging technology.

The Biological Anthropology Lab Complex also partners with the Center for Applied Isotope Studies on UGA's Riverbend campus. Dr. Reitsema maintains a Sartorius Cubis MSE3.6P000DM Microbalance with 1 ug readability at the CAIS dedicated for Biological Anthropology Laboratory Complex projects. 

Resources for Students

Undergraduate and graduate students have worked in the lab in the past with support from:

The Georgia Museum of Natural History Joshua Laerm Award

Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities

National Geographic Young Explorer's Grant


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