How does VIP @ UGA work?

  • Currently three VIP @ UGA teams are operating in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB). Teams in other disciplines and majors will launch in future semesters.
  • Students register for credits that fit the team they are joining and their major. Students from all majors are encouraged to apply if they are interested in a team's research.
  • BMB majors are required to complete 8 credits of research, either as an independent research internship (BCMB 4960R and 4970R), team-based research (BCMB 4965R), or bioprocessing (BCMB 4030L). BCMB 4965R allows students to spread their research experiences over more semesters as an alternative to the more intensive yet time-limited BCMB 4960R and 4970R. 
  • BCMB 4965R is repeatable up to 8 credits total. For BMB majors, this will meet the required 8 credits of research (currently satisfied by BCMB 4960 and BCMB 4970), with the first 4 credits of BCMB 4965R being equivalent to BCMB 4960R and the second 4 credits being equivalent to BCMB 4970R. Students taking BCMB 4965R must write a research paper at the end of each 4-credits of research they complete. See the Undergraduate Research page on the BMB website for details.
  • If students complete one semester of BCMB 4965R and decide not to pursue further research, this credit counts as an upper division elective.

Interested students can learn about teams and how they can join on the Teams tab. Students will be accepted as space comes available until the end of the first week of classes.

Please direct any questions about VIP@UGA to Erin Dolan (