• Book Series: MONTOLOGY 

Editors: Fausto Sarmiento (UGA, USA), Alexey Gunya (IG, RUS), Irasema Alcántara (UNAM, MEX). Commission of Mountain Studies (CMS), International Geographical Union (IGU)

• Volume 1: Montology Palimpsest: A Primer of Mountain Geographies.

Editor: Fausto Sarmiento. Neotropical Montology Collaboratory, University of Georgia

• Forests. Sarmiento, F. and Rodríguez J. (submitted). Landscape Transformation in the wake of colonization: The Quijos Adean Amazonian flank, past and present.

• Satoyama Initiative Thematic Review.  Subramanian et al, Biodiversity-Health-Sustainabillity Nexus in Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes and Systems (in press)  Volume 7.