• Playón watershed
  • Bobonaza sacred shore
    Bobonaza sacred shore
  • Mojanda peak
    Mojanda sacred peak
  • El Angel páramo and interandean valley
    Páramo and hidden valley
  • El Yunke
    El Yunke sacred cove

GEOG 8810

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Course Description: 
This class seeks to scrutinize environmental complexities of nature/society couplings in the management of biodiversity conservation within ecoregional systems, particularly relating the roles of history, politics and socioeconomics on production wilderness areas and other protected cultural landscapes of the present. By analyzing biogeographical theory under lenses of critical social theory and ecocriticism, students will be able to discern the objectives of current major conservation efforts in the agenda of multinational organizations and multilateral science funding agencies to give priority to recent targets of climate change, food security, income inequalities and social sustainability in the new wave of geocriticism.
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