• Playón watershed
  • Bobonaza sacred shore
    Bobonaza sacred shore
  • Mojanda peak
    Mojanda sacred peak
  • El Angel páramo and interandean valley
    Páramo and hidden valley
  • El Yunke
    El Yunke sacred cove

GEOG 1125E

Resources, Environment and Society
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Course Description: 
This is an introductory environmental geography course offered on-line. The course is structured in sequential 8 modules that will be covered in weekly basis. Each module has four chapters. Each chapter will be covered with readings from the textbook, watching videos, listening to podcasts and reviewing class notes summaries. Quizzes after each chapter via de LaunchPad will be available for summative assessments. Grading will take place each Sunday evening. Formative assessments at the end of each module will enable you to access the next module in the series. All assignments should be submitted to the Assignment Dropbox. All Discussions should be logged in the weekly thread. The due date for each week is Sunday 8:00pm EST, as UGA is located in Athens, near Atlanta, Georgia, at the heart of it all...
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