• Playón watershed
  • Bobonaza sacred shore
    Bobonaza sacred shore
  • Mojanda peak
    Mojanda sacred peak
  • El Angel páramo and interandean valley
    Páramo and hidden valley
  • El Yunke
    El Yunke sacred cove

FYOS 1001

Imperative Geographies: World Heritage Sites Conservation
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Course Description: 
This course engages students in geographical literacy of the world’s most important places, those that are considered by the United Nations’ Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) as World Heritage Sites. This Odyssey seminar will develop students’ understanding of conservation efforts in the complexities of regional systems, particularly related to the role of history and engage students with geographical literacy by forecasting likely scenarios of global learning. This seminar will present current knowledge on conservation of cultural and natural landscapes of universal value. A review of the theory of conservation of heritage sites at a global scale will provide a foundation to review the different world heritage sites listed on every continent. Prospective study abroad opportunities to those sites will be discussed, and interactive presentations will be held with UNESCO officials, scholars, park rangers or conservationists involved in world heritage sites in other countries. Specific geographic applications with geovisualization and digital media would be inspired by the CyArk philosophy and readily exemplified online.
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