• Playón watershed
  • Bobonaza sacred shore
    Bobonaza sacred shore
  • Mojanda peak
    Mojanda sacred peak
  • El Angel páramo and interandean valley
    Páramo and hidden valley
  • El Yunke
    El Yunke sacred cove


Following an Award-winning teaching philosophy, courses offered emphasize mountain science instruction within a geographically informed scientific training.  Dr. S is a Senior Teaching Fellow, a member of the Teaching Academy, and received the Inaugural Reacting To The Past Fellowship for including the RTTP pedagogy in his course about environment and climate change.  Dr. S instruction stretches the curricular offerings, from introductory freshmen seminars to advanced graduate seminars.

  • Graduate Seminar on Human-Environment Relations GEOG 8810
  • Geographies of Latin America and the Caribbean  GEOG/LACSI 4720/6720
  • Mountain Geography  GEOG 3290
  • Environmental Geography  GEOG 2250H
  • Resources, Society and the Environment  GEOG 1125
  • Imperative Geographies: World Heritage Sites Conservation  FYOS 1001
  • Sacred Geographies  FYOS 1010
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