Sociology of Emotion Section's 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner:

Neil J. MacKinnon

Neil J. MacKinnon, Professor Emeritus at the University of Guelph

Linda Francis, committee chair, summarized the achievements that led to his selection as follows:

The depth and breadth of his publications, the advances in both theory and methodology he has made, his clear contribution to the field of Emotions, [and] his mentoring and support of junior emotions scholars.

At the special Chair's Hour to honor Neil at this past 2018 ASA annual meeting, four early-career scholars who engage with Neil's work in their own research (Kaitlin Boyle--Virginia Tech, Robert Freeland--Elizabeth City, Kimberly Rogers--Dartmouth, and Jun Zhao--Dartmouth) spoke about his influence.

Many thanks to the nominations committee members: Linda Francis (chair, Cleveland State University), Kaitlyn Boyle (Virginia Tech), and Omar Lizardo (University of Notre Dame).


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Lifetime Achievement Award:

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given every two years to an individual who has made lifetime contributions to the sociology of emotions by developing and extending the sociology of emotions empirically, theoretically, or methodologically. The recipient should have a record of several years of scholarly work (books and/or articles) related to emotions.