2020 award recipient: 

                                     Kate K. O’Neill, The University of Washington.
                    “Adolescence, Empathy, and the Gender Gap in Delinquency”


2019: Carley Geiss, University of South Florida, “Connecting Practical Doings to Cultural Meanings: Exploring the Work of Moral Mediators in Human Service Organizations”

2018: Amanda Barrett Cox, "Correcting Behaviors and Policing Emotions: How Behavioral Infraction Become Feeling-Rule Violations," Symbolic Interaction 39(3):484-503. 2016.

2017: Jorie Hofstra, “Attentive Flexibility: A Theoretical Grounding of a New Concept in the Study of Emotional Support”

2016: Ryann Manning, “Emplacing Anger: Emotion Management in West African Pediatric Wards” 

2015: Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott, Clare Forstie, and Savina Balasubramanian, “Shining Stars, Blind Sides, and “Real” Realities: Exit Rituals, Eulogy Work, and Allegories in Reality Television,” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 44(4):417-449. 2015.

2014: Long Doan, Annalise Loehr, and Lisa Miller, Indiana University, "The Power of Love: The Role of Emotional Attributions and Standards in Heterosexuals," Social Forces 94(1):401-425. 2015.

2013: Marci Cottingham, "Learning to 'Deal' and 'De-Escalate': How Men in Nursing Manage Self and Patient Emotions," Sociological Inquiry 85(1):75-99. 2014.

2013: Sonny Nordmarken, "Everyday Transgender Emotional Inequality: Microaggressions, Micropower Dynamics, Emotional Exertion, and Cisgender Emotional Leisure"

2012: Yuval Feinstein, University of California, Los Angeles, “American Nationalism, Emotions, and Public Support for Military Action: Evidence from a Survey-Based Experiment”

2011: Kirsten Younghee Song, Rutgers University, "Mourning for a National Monument:News Media Representation of the Loss of the Korean National Treasure Number 1"

2010: Yuval Feinstein, University of California, Los Angeles

2009: Christian Vaccaro, Florida State University

2008: R. Tyson Smith, State University of New York, Stony Brook

2007: Pamela M. Hunt, Kent State University, “Membership and Subcultural Identity Meaning: Exploring Two Continuous Measures of Membership in the Jamband Subculture”

2006: Meredith Rossner, University of Pennsylvania, “Restorative Justice and Interaction Ritual: An In-Depth Examination of the Micro Mechanism for Emotional Transformation”

2005: Jessica Collett and Omar Lizardo, University of Arizona, “Socioeconomic Status and the Experience of Anger," Social Forces 88(5):2079-2104. 2010.

2004: Simone Polilo, University of Pennsylvania

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2002: Tim P. Hallett, Northwestern University, “Emotional Feedback and Amplification in Social Interaction," The Sociological Quarterly 44(4):705-726. 2016.

2001: Michelle VanNatta, Northwestern University

2000: Jennifer Lois, University of Colorado, Boulder, “Managing Emotions, Intimacy, and Relationships in a Voucher Search and Rescue Group," Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 30(2):131-179. 2001.

1999: Guobin Yang, New York University, “Achieving Emotions in Social Mevements”

1998: Kathryn Lively, Vanderbilt University, “Joint Emotion-work: Working together to Maintain Stratification in Private Law Firms," Work and Occupations 27(1):32-63. 2000.

1997: Laura Mamo, University of California-San Francisco, “Death and Dying: Confluence of Emotions and Awareness," Sociology of Health & Illness 21(1)1999:13–36. 1999.

1996: Lyn Jones, University of Arizona, "Rape Crisis Work and the Unpersonal Relationship: The Delicate Balance of Intimacy and Social Distance"

1995: Robert Garot, University of California, Los Angeles, “Emotions Front and Back stage: Anger and Tears in a Section 8 Housing Office”

1994: Donald E. Gibson, University of California, Los Angeles, "The Struggle for Reason: The Sociology of Emotion in Organizations"

1993: Rodney Beaulieu, University of California, Santa Barbara, "Emotion and Conflict in the Classroom: A Single Case Analysis"

1992: Leslie J. Irvine, Florida Atlantic University, "The Pathologizing of Love: Co-Dependency and the Naming of Emotion"

1991: Betsy Cullum-Swan, Michigan State University, "Behavior in Public Places: A Frame Analysis of Gynecological Exams"

1990: Jennifer L. Pierce, University of California, Berkeley, "Gender, Paralegals, and the 'Tyranny of Niceness': The Double-Bind Emotional Labor Poses for Women Workers"


Graduate Student Paper Award:

The Sociology of Emotions Section invites submissions for the Graduate Student Paper Award. This award is given to the author(s) of the most outstanding, article length graduate student paper that contributes to the sociology of emotions empirically, theoretically, or methodologically. Authors of eligible papers must be graduate students at the time of the paper's submission. Multiple-authored papers are eligible for the award if all authors are graduate students. The recipient(s) will receive a monetary prize.