Current Section Officers (2020-2021)

Current Chair:  Amy Kroska, University of California-Riverside, term ends 2021

Chair Elect:  Alicia D. Cast, University of California-Santa Barbara, term ends 2021

Past Chair:  Alison J. Bianchi, University of Iowa, term ends 2021

Secretary Treasurer:  Long Doan, University of Maryland, term ends 2023

Council:  Marci D. Cottingham, University of Amsterdam, term ends 2021

                Kimberly Brooke Rogers, Dartmouth College, term ends 2022

                Sarah Harkness, University of Iowa, term ends 2023

                Kate Hawks, Emory University (student representative), term ends 2021

Webmaster: Chelsea Rae Kelly, The Catholic University of America

Newsletter Editors and Social Media: 

               Emily Maloney, Duke University, term ends 2023

               Kelsey Mattingly, University of Georgia, term ends 2023