Nomination Committee

Alison Bianchi, University of Iowa (chair)

Kaitlin Boyle, University of South Carolina

Bryan Cannon, Franklin and Marshall College

Shruti Devgan, Bowdoin College

Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman, University of South Florida


Lifetime Achievement Award Committee

Cathryn Johnson, Emory University (chair)

Neil MacKinnon, University of Guelph

Jonathan Turner, University of California, Riverside


Outstanding Recent Contribution Award Committee (article) 

Kari Marie Norgaard, University of Oregon (chair)

Kelly Bergstrand, University of Texas at Arlington

Chana Teeger, London School of Economics


Graduate Student Paper Award Committee

Susan Fisk, Kent State University (chair)

Timothy Recuber, Smith College

Jun Zhao, Georgia State University


Public Engagement Liaison

Daniel Shank, Missouri University of Science and Technology


Ad Hoc Membership Committee

Marci Cottingham, University of Amsterdam (co-chair)

Sarah Harkness, University of Iowa (co-chair)

Blake R. Silver, George Mason University

Ana Villarreal, Boston University

Andrea Beltrán-Lizarazo, Boston University (graduate student member)


Publications Committee 

Emily Maloney, Duke University (newsletter editor, co-chair)

Kelsey Mattingly, University of Georgia (newsletter editor, co-chair)

Chelsea Kelly, The Catholic University of America (website)


Program Committee

Amy Kroska, University of California, Riverside, will organize the Chair’s Hour Session on “Emotions, Political Beliefs, and Political Behavior.”  

Trenton Mize, Purdue University, will organize a section session on “Emotions and Inequality.”

Kristen Discola, California State University, Los Angeles, will co-organize the joint Social Psychology and Emotions Sections Roundtable Session.