Responsibilities of the Chair of the Nominations Committee

Compile initial roster of Candidates by position

1. In November, the ASA sends the nominations chair a list of section offices to be filled. As soon as you have this information, contact the person (usually the ASA Governance Coordinator) sending you the list to ask for a complete listing of current Emotions Section members. Being able to send out this complete list to the rest of the committee helps to remind the committee of the section’s diversity. In addition, since all nominees must be section members, this helps to make later steps in the process more efficient.

2. Email each of the other committee members (who have been appointed by the section chair) to request their nominations for each open position by late November. In addition, request that the section chair post a call for nominations to the listserv. The posting should indicate that section members may send nominations to the nominations committee chair by a specified date. Each nomination submitted should include the candidate’s name and institutional affiliation. Committee and section members (including the nominations chair) are allowed to submit multiple nominations and may nominate the same person for more than one category.

3. By early December, the chair should combine and alphabetize all submitted nomination for each position. The chair should also double check that each nominated candidate is a current Emotions Section member, per ASA rules. In addition, if people who are currently serving on the nominations committee are nominated by others to fill one or more positions, they must be dropped from further consideration, per ASA rules.

4. This final, combined list should be emailed to the committee in early December. Each committee member (including the chair) should assign each candidate a numerical priority ranking (1 = highest). Ask the committee to email their rankings to the nominations chair by mid-December.

Select and Send the Slate

1. With all scores in hand, construct an initial list of candidates. Lowest scores indicate the top candidates. Share this list with the committee members and begin contacting the candidates, according to priority, to ask about their willingness to serve as a candidate for the specified position(s). If a person chooses not to run, contact the next person on the list until all vacancies have a competitive slate. 

2.ASA contacts each of the candidates directly to request their biographical information. When the ASA Governance Coordinator initially sends out the position vacancies, details about this process will be included to then share with each candidate on the final slate.

3. Build the final slate with at least two candidates for each position vacancy; e.g., for two council vacancies there should be four candidates.

4. Forward the full slate to the ASA (which may have provided an Excel spreadsheet for this purpose) and send an announcement to the section chair, the newsletter/social media editor, and the section webmaster. The ASA handles the ballot and voting process.

5. In early June, the ASA will notify the section chair and the nominations chair of the election results. The two chairs can then decide between themselves who will notify the candidates.

6. The ASA requests that the section receive active confirmation of each candidate’s receipt of the results before publicly announcing them.

7. The results should then be transmitted to the newsletter editor as soon as possible so that they can appear in the summer issue. The section’s webmaster should also be notified of the results.

8. It is customary for the nominations chair to write a brief report on the election and deliver it at both the section’s council meeting and business meeting at the ASA annual meetings. If this is not possible, another member of the committee or the section chair should be selected to give the report.

Final Considerations  

1. The candidates begin their terms after the first ASA meeting following the election, except the section, chair, who serves as chair-elect for one year.

2. The student member to council serves for one year, the chair for one year, and all other officers for three years.

3. According to the bylaws, the nominations committee is appointed by the Council for a one-year term, renewable for a second year and consists of at least five members. One member of the nominations committee will be designated by the Council as Chair of that committee.