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Recent Books

Ritual, Emotion, Violence: Studies on the Micro-Sociology of Randall Collins

by Elliot B. Weininger, Annette Lareau, and Omar Lizardo

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Microsociologists seek to capture social life as it is experienced, and in recent decades no one has championed the microsociological approach more fiercely than Randall Collins. The pieces in this exciting volume offer fresh and original insights into key aspects of Collins’ thought, and of microsociology more generally.


Emotional Lives: Dramas of Identity in an Age of Mass Media 

by E. Doyle McCarthy, Fordham University, New York

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Emotional Lives explores the changes in emotional cultures that have taken place during the last half century and continue to affect people's identities today. These changes are driven by the culture of consumerism in contemporary post-industrial society and by the emergence of new ideas about public and private life in a time when media culture generates new forms of social relationships and deep personal attachments to celebrity figures. McCarthy shows that people are drawn to public life, not only for entertainment and pleasure but also for its dramas, for memorializing events like disasters, acts of violence, and victimhood. McCarthy's cultural-sociological approach provides new insights about emotions as 'social things' and reveals how today's mass media is an important force for cultural change, including changes in people's relationships, identities, and emotions.

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Music, Dance, Affect, and Emotions in Latin America 

eidted by Pablo Vila 

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"For the humanities and humanistic social sciences, the affective turn forcefully compels a return to bodies in their multifarious relations—with themselves, other bodies, places, communities, with things of all kinds, and much more. This remarkable volume makes another, and most audacious, turn: South. Incisive essays show the rich complexities of how affect and emotions animate musicking (making, listening, dancing) in the specificity of Latin America locations. In a stunning demonstration of post-constructionism, we experience affect and emotions as living correlates of meaning and as a dynamic force for the evasive but inescapable subsistence of identities and subjectivities."    ---Jairo A. Moreno, University of Pennsylvania

About the Author: Pablo Vila is professor of sociology at Temple University.

Recent Articles

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