The Graduate Student Paper Award Committee is primarily responsible for the administration of the Graduate Student Paper Award Competition. The chair of the Sociology of Emotions Section appoints a chair of the committee and two committee members. Typically, a committee member from a previous year is asked to serve as chair in a subsequent year. The work of the committee is mainly conducted between March and April. The committee usually has about six weeks from the submission deadline to make a decision. In the fall, the section chair, in conjunction with the committee chair, submits to ASA and circulates to the section membership the call for nominations for the award.  The deadline for paper submission is typically March 1.

The committee chair is responsible for receiving graduate student paper award submissions and disseminating them to the other committee members for review. In addition, the committee chair communicates relevant deadlines and procedures to the other committee members, corresponds with authors who submitted papers for the competition, coordinates the selection of a winner with the other committee members, informs the Section Chairperson of the winning paper, and composes a brief summary of the winning paper to be read prior to the winning recipient(s) receiving the award at the annual meeting.

The method of determining the winner consists of ranking submissions according to their theoretical, empirical, and/or methodological contributions. Depending upon the number of submissions, the committee chair shall determine whether committee members read all papers or a subgroup for the first round of reviews. If a subgroup method is used, all committee members read the top papers emerging from the subgroup rankings.

The award is given to the submission of the most outstanding article-length graduate student paper that advances the Sociology of Emotions theoretically, empirically, and/or methodologically. There is no page limit or formatting requirements. In addition, papers can be self-nominated or faculty-nominated. Papers should be of publication quality and can therefore be previously published or under review. Authors must be graduate students at the time of paper submission and may only submit one paper for consideration each year. Multiple authored papers are also eligible if all of the co-authors are graduate students.

The winner of the graduate student paper award is announced in the Section’s Summer Newsletter.