The Article Award Committee oversees selection of the award to authors of the article published in a two year period. (The award is granted every two years, alternating with the book award. ) The chair of the Sociology of Emotions Section appoints a chair of the committee and two committee members. The work of the committee is mainly conducted between March and April. The committee typically has about six weeks from the submission deadline to make a decision. In the fall, the section chair, in conjunction with the committee chair, submits to ASA and circulates to the section membership the call for nominations for the award.  The deadline for paper submission is typically March 1.

Papers along with nomination letters will be submitted electronically to the committee chair.

The committee chair is responsible for: receiving article nominations, communicating relevant deadlines and procedures to the other committee members, corresponding with nominees, coordinating the selection of a winner with the other committee members, informing the Section Chair of the winning paper, and composing a brief summary of the winning paper to be read prior to the winning recipient(s) receiving the award at the annual meeting. Shortly after the nomination deadline, the committee chair provides all committee members with access to the papers and nomination letters. The chair may choose to create a Dropbox (or similar) location to facilitate sharing and initiates an e-mail discussion (or conference call or Skype call/teleconference) to establish how the committee will proceed.  

Committee members, including the chair, should:

Read each paper carefully and prepare brief comments for each one, noting major strengths, contributions, etc. Additionally, each committee member should rank order the papers. 
Send their comments and rankings to the chair approximately one week prior to  the committee's recommendation. The chair may choose to create a Dropbox [or similar] location to share comments and rankings after they have been submitted.  

The committee chair will compile the rankings.  Particularly if there are discrepancies in the comments and rankings, the committee chair will initiate an e-mail discussion (or conference call or Skype call/teleconference) to discuss the submissions and choose a winner. If deemed appropriate, the committee may also select a "runner up" for the award.

The winner of the article award is announced in the Section’s Summer Newsletter.