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Figure 1: A 1973 yellow Volkswagen © Chris Vallone, Classic VW BuGs.

fig 2

Figure 2: How many items per second can you process as you search this display for a beetle?

fig 4

Figure 4: How many objects are in this scene? By the way, that pyramid is the 2000 yr old tomb of Cestius in Rome, built when Egyptian artifacts were all the rage in Rome.

fig 5

Figure 5: Are any of these items in Figure 2?

fig 6

Figure 6: Basic hybrid search data redrawn from Wolfe ((2012))

fig 7

Figure 7: Cartoon of the Leite & Ratcliff (2010) account of logarithm memory search. (A) Information accumulates in a noisy fashion toward a decision bound. (B) With many items in the memory set, there is an increased chance that a distractor will reach the decision bound. So (C) the bound can be raised to avoid that problem. The resulting increase in RT is a log function of the memory set.