We visited Minneapolis, MN: 

The Health and Development Lab members presented twice at the Society for Research on Adolescence in April, 2018. Our first project examined the association between hostility and attachment behaviors during a conflict task and adolescent social behavior. Our second project looked at how mother and adolescent conflict behaviors are associated with adolescent disruptive behavior symptoms. 

We traveled to Louisville, KY:

The Health and Development Lab members presented at the American Psychological Society in March, 2018. Our presentation featured research linking loneliness in children with asthma and cytokine regulation. Cheers to a great conference, can't wait for next year! 

Two new graduate students to join the lab for fall 2017!

The Health and Development Lab is pleased to announce that two new graduate students, Sarah Lyle and Kelsey Corallo, will be joining the lab this fall. Welcome to the lab, Sarah and Kelsey!