About Us

The Health and Development lab is based within the Department of Psychology at the University of Georgia. Under the direction of Dr. Katherine Ehrlich, members of the laboratory are engaged in several studies focused on how the social world shapes health across the lifespan.1


Across our studies, we use a variety of research methods to evaluate social and emotional functioning, including structured behavioral observations, clinical interviews, self-reports, and performance-based tasks. In addition, we incorporate a number of health assessments, including clinical health measures (e.g., blood pressure) and indices of cellular function.


The Health and 2Development Lab facility is equipped with structured space for in-office interviews, observations, group meetings, and screenings for a variety of health measures. There is also an in-house biological wet-lab where samples and data can be processed and analyzed. The lab is BSL-2 certified and is equipped to perform stimulated cell culture, which allows us to examine proinflammatory processes. 


The lab is involved in collaborative research, and we partner with several centers on the UGA campus and at Northwestern University.  3At UGA, we work with investigators at the Center for Family Research and the Center for Vaccines and Immunology. At Northwestern, we partner with the Foundations of Health Research Center.


We are grateful for the funding and support we have received from NICHD, NIDA, the NIH Common Fund, the Jacobs Foundation, and the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.