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Athens is located 60 miles to the east of Atlanta, in the Piedmont region of the state which forms the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains.


All major airlines fly to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL).  From there, a shuttle service, Groome Transportation, can provide the 90 minute trip to Athens for about $40 one way.  You should make a reservation with them directly at their website. Groome Transportation drops off and picks up at local hotels and near the math department, at the Georgia Center.


There is a parking deck just a few blocks from the math department where the talks will be held. Normally this costs about $8-10/day. During evenings and weekends you can park anywhere on campus (except the parking deck) at no cost. 


If you are being supported by the conference, we will make your reservations and have them billed directly to UGA Math.

There will be a special conference rate a nearby hotel TBA.

UGA Math Department

The math department is located in Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center which is situated adjacent to the Science Library on UGA's south campus.

Canoe trip: 

We will arrange a canoe trip on Friday afternoon at the Broad River Outpost. It is located 1/2 an hour north of Athens. The canoe trip is 6 miles long, and since you’ll want to get out and swim, it’ll take pretty much all afternoon. It costs $20 per person.

You should

(1) Bring a 2 liter plastic bottle containing your favorite beverage
(2) Wear clothing that you don’t mind getting wet and dirty. Bring some dry clothes to change into at the end. You’ll want to wear sneakers while canoeing.
(3) Bring sunscreen. They will supply a bit of string to tie your sunglasses on just in case you fall or jump in.

We will leave from the hotel at 1 pm.  After the last talk, if you eat near the lecture hall (we recommend UGA center if you plan to go to the canoe trip), we can pick you up at the north entrance of UGA center (this is also Groome Drop-off location that is right next to the south parking Deck).  We will drive you to your hotel at 12:30 so that you’ll have time to get changed.

(1) Is this fun?

(2) Is any experience required?

(3) Are there any rapids?
Yes, but they aren’t a big deal. Several generations of topologists have made it through in one piece.

(4) What is their website?

(5) Is it true that there is an excellent, authentic North Georgia barbeque called Zeb’s located just a few miles up Hwy 29 after the turnoff for Broad River Outpost, that is highly recommended?


Athens and environs

There are two areas with lots of shops and restaurants within walking distance of campus.  If you walk twenty minutes north along Lumpkin St, you'll come to Downtown.  If you walk fifteen minutes south, you'll reach Five Points.  

Athens has a very lively night life made famous by local bands including R.E.M., the B-52's, Widespread Panic, Pylon, and many more. The best source for information on who is playing where is in Athens' alternative newspaper, Flagpole. Flagpole also has a useful Guide to Athens with information about restaurants, bars, shopping, art, and much more.  

If you are looking to get out of town on the weekend, you might consider canoeing down the Broad River. The Broad River Outpost is located about 20 miles north of Athens. After the canoe trip, we highly recommend a trip to Zeb's Bar-B-Cue, which you'll find on the same map.  (It's not the sort of place that has a website.) If you are interested in hiking, take a look at

Another way to see the countryside, without getting wet, is to drive about 30 minutes south to Madison (the city that Sherman refused to burn). If you walk along smaller back streets, you'll find lots of beautiful homes. For easy fun walks close to town (great with kids) try the Sandy Creek Nature Center and the Botanical Gardens.

The athletic teams at UGA are known as the Georgia Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs, or simply the Dawgs. Georgia loves their Dawgs! There's no chance you'll see the school mascot walking around town. His relatives have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated, appeared in movies, and have been interviewed on NPR. He handles celebrity well. Click here if you want to read about him.


A list of recommended restaurants:

The closest lunch location is the UGA center Cafe.  There is also a Savannah Room option there which is more upscale.

Taqueria Tsunami
The Grit
Kelly's Jamaican Foods(*?)

Taste of India
Iron Factory*
Thai Spoon
The Place
Mama's boy#
Red Bowl#
Just Pho#

Seabear Oyster Bar*
LRG provision
Last Resort

Five and Ten
The National
Porterhouse Grill

*: Little or no vegetarian options
#: >30mins walk from lecture hall and not in downtown



The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Georgia Museum of Art