Travel and Local Information

Athens is located 60 miles to the east of Atlanta, in the Piedmont region of the state which forms the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains.


All major airlines fly to Atlanta.  From there, a shuttle service, Groome Transportation, can provide the 90 minute trip to Athens for $39 one way.  You should make a reservation with them directly at their website. Groome Transportation drops off and picks up at local hotels and near the math department, at the Georgia Center.

There are a couple of other ways to get to Athens. Sometimes you'll find cheaper rates if you fly into Greenville-Spartanburg Airport (Airline code GSP). It is a 2 hour, low traffic drive to or from Athens. You will need to rent a car if you land there.


Blocks of hotel rooms were being held for GITC participants at the Holiday Inn ($102/night, nicer and 1 block closer to the math department, but breakfast is not included) and the Holiday Inn Express ($86/night and breakfast is included). You should have made your reservations directly with the hotels and used the group code TOP to receive the group rate. This block of rooms was being held until May 1 (actually the deadline was been extended to May 3), after which you are on your own.**

**Due to a recent rule change, we are unable to reimburse expenses if you stay in an AirBnB or any other private home.

Where on campus is the conference and how do I get there each morning?

It's in Physics Room 202. That's a nice walk from the Holiday Inn (Express). We will also be in discussion with those hotels regarding a courtesy shuttle to and from the hotel, in case you don't like the nice walk, and post more details about that. We recommending not driving to campus if you can avoid it, but for those who really need to (e.g. staying somewhere farther afield), you should park in the south campus parking deck. We will have a limited number of parking vouchers for those who need them, just ask.

UGA Math Department

The math department is located in Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center which is situated adjacent to the Science Library on UGA's south campus.

Athens and environs

This is a google doc which you can use to organize weekend events .

Athens has a very lively night life made famous by local bands including R.E.M., the B-52's, Widespread Panic, Pylon, and many more. The best source for information on who is playing where is in Athens' alternative newspaper, the Flagpole. The Flagpole also has a useful Guide to Athens with information about restaurants, bars, shopping, art, and much more. If you are looking to get out of town on the weekend, you might consider canoeing down the Broad River. The Broad River Outpost is located about 20 miles north of Athens. After the canoe trip, we highly recommend a trip to Zeb's Bar-B-Cue, which you'll find on the same map. If you are interested in hiking, take a look at Another way to see the countryside, without getting wet, is to drive about 30 minutes south to Madison (the city that Sherman refused to burn). If you walk along smaller back streets, you'll find lots of beautiful homes. For easy fun walks close to town (great with kids) try the Sandy Creek Nature Center and the Botanical Gardens.

The athletic teams at UGA are known as the Georgia Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs, or simply the Dawgs. Georgia loves their Dawgs! There's no chance you'll see the school mascot walking around town. His relatives have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated, appeared in movies, and have been interviewed on NPR. He handles celebrity well. Click here if you want to read about him.

Here's a map that includes a convenient list of some points of interest: