2016 Georgia Topology Conference

The Georgia Topology Conference has been hosted by the University of Georgia since 1961.

The 2016 Georgia Topology conference took place May 25-29, 2016. Its focus was on Parameterized Morse Theory in Low-Dimensional and Symplectic Topology.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers from different fields who might not communicate frequently with each other due to the nature of their problems, but who are using potentially similar tools in parameterized Morse theory, a.k.a. Cerf theory. These fields include Morse 2-functions in dimension 4, Heegaard splittings and open book decompositions in dimension 3, generating families and h-principles in contact and symplectic geometry, and Morse theory applied to topological field theories.

The first incarnation of this workshop occurred at the Banff International Research Station in 2014, and the final report from that workshop is worth reading, giving a little background on the topic, some highlights from the talks and a problem list.


  • David Gay
  • Juanita Pinzon
  • Mike Sullivan


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