Resources for Students

Learning in College: How to do well in Introductory Biology and College 


Faculty Development in Scientific Teaching: Southeast SI

National Academies Southeast Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching, Director and Regional Coordinator 2012-2016.


Classroom Instruction

I. UGA [since Fall 2006]

1. Principles of Biology II for majors (BIOL 1108 Lecture)

2. Organismal Biology for non-majors (BIOL 1104 Lecture)

3. TA-training (GRSC 7770 Seminar)

4. Freshmen Seminar (FRES 1010): Do your BEST: How to study and learn in college. 

5. Undergraduate Research (BIOL 4960, BIOL 4970, PBIO 4960)

6. Communicating Science (BIOL/PBIOL 8010, 8290 Seminar)

7. Freshmen Odyssey Seminar (FYOS 101): All about Fireflies. 

9. YoungDawgs Program. Research experiences for Highschool students.


II. University of Texas at Austin [1997-2006]

1. Structure and Function of Organisms (Lecture)

2. Principles of Animal Behavior (Lecture)

3. Undergraduate Research 


III. Wake Forest University [1995-1997]

1. Comparative Physiology (Lecture)

2. Behavioral Ecology (Lecture and Lab)

3. Evolution of Primate Social Systems (Seminar)

4. Undergraduate Research


IV. Duke University [1993-1995]

1. Introductory Biology Labs I & II

2. Evolution of Primate Social Systems (Seminar)