Please contact me with any questions:

Kathrin Stanger-Hall: 

4510 Miller Plant Sciences Building, University of Georgia


Prospective students/postdocs: I welcome all inquiries concerning the possibility of working in my lab as an undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral researcher.  

I am actively recruiting for the following research areas:

Evolutionary Biology Research: Evolution of sexual signal mode and associated eye and antenna morphology in worldwide fireflies; Biogeography of fireflies. I currently recruiting graduate students and undergraduate students interested in molecular phylogenetics, evolutionary trait analysis, biogeography, sensor morphology and/or signal evolution. 

Science Education Research: Learning with animated online case studies. I am looking for a graduate student in Science education, or two Science PhD students who want to include a science education chapter into their PhD theses. We have extensive data on student learning of complex biological processes, delivered as online case studies, which are ready to be scored, analyzed and published.


If you are considering graduate school, you should also visit the UGA graduate school website, the Integrated Life Sciences program website, and the other evolution & ecology  or insect biology labs on campus, and/or the biology education research group. UGA has a diverse community of faculty in evolutionary biology and science edcation from different departments and scientific discipines. 

If you have any questions, please email me.  You should also check out Athens, which is a great place to live while in graduate school. 

K-12 School teachers. If you are interested in scheduling a classroom visit for a firefly presentation, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I can also help you find other faculty who can talk about other research areas.  If you are interested in classroom activities that involve fireflies (in the field or using data), please contact me so we can discuss possibilities.  

High School students. If you are interested in a summer experience in our research lab, please inquire how to apply to the Young Dawgs program at UGA.