The University of Georgia has high expectations that students govern their behavior, actions, and practices responsibly, civily, and accordingly. Students are, therefore, expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the objectives and standards of conduct established by the University of Georgia.

General Standards of Conduct

The University of Georgia prohibits the unlawful possession, manufacture, distribution, dispensation, and use of illicit drugs and alcohol on the institutional premises in accordance with the Drug-Free Communities and Schools Act Amendments of 1989 (Public Law 101226) and the Georgia Drug-Free Postsecondary Act of 1990.


Cellular Phone, Personal Digital Assistants & Pagers

Cellular phones and PDAs are often times important means to communicate. These devices, however, can be disruptive for the user and others when activated in meeting rooms, classrooms, and in certain other public areas. The University asks students and others to be mindful of this and to operate cellular phones and PDAs accordingly.


Civil Language

The University of Georgia is a marketplace for ideas, conversations, and opinions. The University has high expectations that students will engage in critical discourse on a wide range of topics in conversations that take place during formal and informal discussions. Also, the University has high expectations that students will engage in civil discourse. The use of profanity, indecent, and lewd language has no place in a University environment. The University recognizes that students have a constitutional right to express themselves. However, civil language is expected among a community of learners.


Dressing for Success

As a member of the University community, it is expected that every student will have the opportunity to experience success inside and outside of the classroom and to learn in a safe and academically enriching environment. As such, students are encouraged to dress appropriately on the campus and will be denied admission to various functions if their manner of dress is inappropriate to the occasion.