1. Outstanding Delegate: Leadership-in-Committee Award (2 per committee/council)

2. Honorable Mention: Leadership-in-Committee Award (3 per committee/council)

3. Best Delegation Award (3)

4. Honorable Mention: Best Delegation Award (2)

5. Outstanding Chair Award (1)

6. Honorable Mention: Chair Award (2)

7. Faculty Service Award (1)


Outstanding Delegate Leadership and Honorable Mention Delegate Awards: To be determined by a vote of delegates in in each committee, one vote per country delegation, not by school. Each delegation shall cast a vote for two individual delegates. The criteria: the individual delegate who has over the course of the conference, contributed the most substantively, and facilitated a collegial, collaborative, and consensus-building and result- oriented process, while maintaining the diplomatic character of his/her country. The votes shall be tallied by the officers in each committee and reported to the Chair of the Awards Committee. The two top vote getters shall be selected for the “Outstanding Delegate” awards and the next three top vote getters shall be selected for the “Honorable Mention” awards.


Best Delegation and Honorable Mention Delegation Awards: The top three delegations with the most Leadership in Committee awards shall be selected for the “Best Delegation” awards. The next two delegations with most awards shall be selected for the “Honorable Mention” delegation awards.


Outstanding Chair Award: To be determined by a vote of faculty advisors after conclusion of the final council and committee meetings. Although assigned to specific committees/councils, each faculty advisor should visit all the committees/councils. Faculty advisors are strongly encouraged to maintain a neutral stance and resist the temptation to advocate or campaign for their own students. An “outstanding chair” will be obvious to most and does not need his/her advisor’s special advocacy.


Honorable Mention Chair: To be determined by a vote of faculty advisors, following the same criteria above for Outstanding Chair Award.


Faculty Service Award: The award is to recognize the faculty advisor who has contributed the most to facilitate the smooth running of the model. This is also the SEMAU Director’s Award.