Letter from A Student


TifaraPhoto.jpgTo Our Valued Sponsors, Participants and Friends:

       Let me begin by thanking you for taking the time to contribute your time and presence to this cause. 

       My heart is overjoyed as we are working hard here at the University of Georgia to prepare our campus and our hearts to recieve you all come this November. I began my journey with the Southeast Regional Model African Union in 2014, and have not stopped nor been the same since.

       Powerful things happen when we come together in unity to advance our communities. The conversations that occur here act as a springboard for myself and my peers as we take steps forward into becoming game-changers and world-shapers for ourselves, our families, our communities and our nations.  

       My hope is that every student who participates in the Model would understand the potential they have to enact lasting change not only across the globe but in their own local communities and schools. It is the way we impact our homes that starts the ripple effect that ultimately revitalizes our world.

       The University of Georgia is privileged to be the host for the 20th Annual Southeast Model African Union and have the honor of engaging the group of young leaders that will be shaping the way the world operates in the near future.

       Thank you for your commitment to peace. Thank you for your dedication to unity. Thank you for your drive to make the lives our students one of prosperity and never-ending learning.

       We look forward to your presence on our campus this November, and many more times in the future.




Tifara Brown

President, UGA Model African Union