Welcome to the Heterogeneous Robotics (HeRo) Research Lab at the Department of Computer Science, University of Georgia (UGA) in Athens, GA, USA. The lab is directed by Prof. Ramviyas Parasuraman.

HeRo lab conducts experimental and application-oriented research in heterogeneous robotics systems of varying functionalities and mobility capabilities. Specifically, the current research focus is on multi-robot systems, wireless networks, intelligent & intuitive teleoperation, human-robot interfaces, robotics applied in nuclear, radioactive, rescue, disaster, and challenging environments, and machine learning applications to multi-robot systems.

Vision: Our vision is to capacitate autonomous heterogeneous multi-human multi-robot systems with intelligent, resilient, and robust methods for cooperation, communication, and interactions.

We work on several challenging research areas, outlined below.


Multi-robot systems – Control, Communications, Planning, Cooperation, and Coordination

Intelligent Teleoperation – Novel and Intuitive Interaction/Interfaces

Wireless Networked Robots – Predictions and Optimization

Rescue Robotics – Deployment and Application to Search and Rescue

Robotics in Nuclear, Radioactive, and Challenging Environments

Machine Learning Applications to Robotics and Multi-Agent Systems