The goal of this symposium is to highlight the quality and breadth of spectroscopy in the southeast. This includes any research that uses spectroscopic techniques to elucidate molecular structure or dynamics. Both ultrafast spectroscopy and frequency-resolved spectroscopy will be represented.

We have both invited talks and contributed talks. If you would like to be considered for a contributed talk, please select the "spectroscopy and dynamics" symposium when submitting your abstract through the SERMACS website:

Confirmed speakers:
Gary Douberly, University of Georgia, "Sequential Capture of O(3P) and HCN by Helium Nanodroplets: Infrared Laser Spectroscopy and Ab Initio Computations"
Michael Heaven, Emory University, "Bonding in beryllium compounds probed by photodetachment spectroscopy"
Valeria Kleiman, University of Florida 
Daniel Kuroda, Louisiana State University
Tim Lian, Emory University, "Exciton dynamics and photoreduction of water and CO2 using 1D and 2D semiconductor/metal nanoheterostructures "
Jinjun Liu, University of Louisville, "Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy of Free Radicals"
Laura McCunn, Marshall University
Carlos Silva, Georgia Tech
Susanne Ullrich, University of Georgia, "Thionated Uracils under UV Irradiation: Intramolecular Micro-Environmental Effects on the Intersystem Crossing Dynamics"
Dong-Sheng Yang, University of Kentucky, "Threshold Ionization and Electron Imaging of Organolanthanide Radicals"



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