• picture of ultrafast green laser with black background

    Ultrafast Lasers

  • pick glow from a Neon discharge

    Free Radicals

  • front entrance of UGA chemistry building

    UGA Chemistry


The casework is done and the power system is getting installed.


The casework arrived and is being installed.


The casework boxes line the hallway.


I have never been so excited to see floor tile!


The trenches seen in the earlier photos were a surprise finding when they pulled up the old tile. It turns out that this was a teaching lab at one point and there were trenches with steam lines dug in the floor that nobody knew about. They have been filled and sealed and we now have a real floor!


Here are some pictures of what the lab looked like on Dec 15, 2016. The first picture is of the laser lab and the second is a smaller room for a prep lab.



The pre-construction meeting, even though you can see the walls are already framed and demolition of the old infrastructure has begun.


Here it is a few days later, Nov 11. The old lights were taken out and the wall is starting to go up.


The lab renovations have started! The lab space is almost empty and the architects and engineers are nearing completion of the plans. 



Thank you to the Duncan lab for clearing out all of the stuff that was here. This is July 21, 2016.

July 21_2016.jpg