Ongoing Projects

Isotopic Analysis of Fauna at Għar Dalam, Malta

S.E. Pilaar Birch, Victoria Herridge, and Adrian Lister
Stable isotope analysis of toothe enamel carbonate from Late Pleistocene dwarf deer, hippo, and elephant for paleoecological reconstruction. Supported by the Leverhulme Trust and Natural History Museum, London.

Neolithization of Europe: New Zooarchaeological and Stable Isotope Evidence from Uğurlu Höyük, Gökçeada, Turkey 

S.E. Pilaar Birch and Levent Atici
Stable isotope analysis of tooth enamel carbonate and bone collagen to evaluate island-mainland trade relationships and mobility. Supported by the National Geographic Committee for Research and Exploration.

Modern Datasets for Archaeologically-Linked Paleoclimate Reconstruction

S.E. Pilaar Birch
Examines utility, potential and limitations of using stable isotope values from archaeological herbivore teeth as paleoclimate proxies to assess long term climate change and human adaptation. Currently processing data derived from a red deer (Cervus elaphus) population that lived in Richmond Park, London, in the mid-20th century.

Neolithic Herd Mobility at the Site of Ulucak, Turkey

S.E. Pilaar Birch and Canan Çakırlar
Stable isotope analysis of carbonate from sheep and goat teeth to evaluate prehistoric mobility patterns. 

Current Student Projects

Assessing stable isotope data from archaeological white-tailed deer remains as a paleoenvironmental proxy at the site of La Joyanca, Northwestern Petén, Yucatán Peninsula

María José Rivera Araya

Past Student Projects

Preparation and Cataloguing specimens from Yenikapi, Turkey

Onyale Donloe
This project was carried out through the Georgia Museum of Natural History internship and included metadata collection and analysis of faunal remains from the Neolithic site of Yenikapi, Turkey.

Stable Isotope Analysis of Mercenaria spp. from Sapelo Island, GA

Kelly Brown
This project was supported by the Laerm Fund and included analysis of shell carbonate from clams in order to assess season of collection of the shells from the Sapelo Shell Ring Complex. 


Lab Projects Available for Student Participation

Stable Isotope Ecology of Passenger Pigeon Migration: Implications for De-Extinction

The Stable Isotope Ecology of Modern North American Elk: Diet, Mobility, and Environment

Building the Neotoma Stable Isotope Database

Documenting Paleoenvironment and Distribution of Domesticates in Ecuador


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